...fed up of complying with Tax Regulations and Accounting Standards..?

...don't have enough resources to meet the Accounting & Tax Filing procedures..?

...not able to generate Reports and Statements when needed..?

...and not getting enough time to concentrate on your Business after all these hurdles..?



Services We Provide

As a single point financial solutions provider, TACX Solutions offers a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services for small to mid-sized businesses. We can partner with you as your Bookkeeper, Accountant, Tax Preparer, Business Advisor, Part-time CFO — or the entire department.

By partnering with us, we manage your financial concerns, letting you concentrate solely on maximizing your core business.

Online Accounting

For small or medium businesses, maintating up-to-date bookkeeping, establishing an accounting division, hiring and training bookkeeping personnel and buying software is costly. Provide us the details of your transaction online, Collaborate with our accountant & get the work done.

Services for Start up Businesses

Incorporating a new Buisness entity may be cumbersome as it requires detail analysis of guidelines and submission of various documents, of which they are unaware. We have a team of qualified experts to assist you in incorporation and post incorporation services.

Tax Advisory Services

Taxation is an unavoidable factor in almost every facet of the business. To avoid unexpected losses related to tax, tax advice needs to be sought, tax risks needs to be identified and alleviated. We provide a complete spectrum of tax advisory services ranging from tax planning to advice.

Accounts Preparation

Preparation of accounts are time consuming tasks that can be easily outsourced resulting in significant savings, timely delivery and client satisfaction without any capital expenditure. Our services involved preparation of year end accounts & also audit file for auditing.

Digital Signature Certificate / PAN Card Registration

TACX Solutions is approved Registration Authority Associate (RAA) of eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd, for accepting and processing DSC Applications. We also assist in providing registration services for PAN CARD, TAN NUMBER etc. and provide help and advice to obtain various types of certificates, licenses.

Tax Return Filing for Individuals & Corporates

Now file your Income Tax Returns online easily! You need not require to take print out of forms, fill them up and submit them at income tax counters anymore. Just sit comfortably at your very own home. Uploading your digital Form 16 and providing the some mandatory informations. Thats all, We will do the rest for you.


In addition to what we do to keep our clients attain financial freedom by providing the best solutions as per the clients requirements, we are equally interested to provide more services by partnering with certain corporates of same wavelength, so as to serve our clients jointly and more effectively.

We have partnered with DIGITS LAB SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, a Technopark based Software Development Company, to develop ACCOUNT SQUARE™, An Advanced Financial Accounting & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application for Businesses and Individuals. We have mainly focused on minimising Accountant/ Auditor workload by integrating variety of New Accounting Tools and also on Simplifying Customer User interface.

Built with Experience

Our Accounting Software is developed keeping in mind the requirements of our clients along with the ideas and experiences we gained over the year, Along with expert advices from CAs and CSs

Easy to customize

We dont believe in creating a software to make you work the way we think. Actually, We belive in letting you customise the software, so it looks and works the way you like and for your ease.

Cross-Platform compatibility

Our Softwares are usually Cross-Platform Compatible, as we believe we dont have the right to restrict you to a particular platform for using our software. Also, most our software are browser compatible and dont require addtional softwares to run.

Easy User Interface (GUI)

While Creating a User interface, our main idea was to incorporate almost all complex features, meanwhile keeping the software interface easy to use. In our words, its designed to reduce the number of support calls.

Well documented & Guided

The idea being providing support to enter a particular transaction from the begining till the end of the posting it, through well documented tips and instructions, and thus eliminating any doubts and chances of wrong entry.

Professional support

Providing professional support from specialised and expert support staff is another way to show how we value our customer. Constant efforts are made to provide undelayed support and timely updations to attain customer satisfaction.

Digital Signature Certificate

We have partnered with eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd, for accepting and processing DSC Applications and Renewals.
Contact us at contact@tacx.in for more information.

Personalised Courses for Corporates and Individuals

We are committed to designing and developing tailor-made Accounting training programmes that meet the specific requirements of our clients.

For example, a corporate entity is looking to train his employee in Payroll computation alone. Its usually difficult and time-consuming task, as there are no personalised direct coaching classes for an individual topic or requirement, every courses come in packages. This is were our Personalised Accounting Courses come to rescue. We look forward to fulfil your requirement and not to inject our syllabus.

Above all, each student is different in terms of capabilities and communication method, and so we aim at providing personalised training modules, curricula, goals and objectives. Thus making them train more in areas were they are weak.

Intense Training (Apprenticeship) to Finance Students

Practically, in every skilled occupation, more than fundamental theoretical knowledge, exposure and experience is essential.

Finance sector always have huge scope, even at the time of recession. A Finance executive is unavoidable in any business entity, irrespective of it making Profit or Loss. So we look forward to helping them increase the chances of better placement and employment

We are happy and thrilled to provide training to Finance Students, get them engaged in our daily work procedures and educate them practically, with supervison of our expert accountants and tax practitioners, thus providing better exposure to the current Accounting & Tax Procedures and help them build a base thereby getting a boost in seeking job in this competitive world. And as the firm grows, we propose to give employment to more people thus fulfil our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Client Testimonials

We are confident you will soon be praising our services much like these profitable and innovative companies. After all, the greatest endorsement around is the smiles on the faces of satisfied customers. More than anything, we value the verdict of our own clients and their words make us extremely delighted

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